Rig Services
1888 Industrial Services is one of the largest suppliers of equipment for oil and gas companies throughout the United States. We not only provide all the necessary drilling equipment, but also prepare the drilling rig for operation ourselves.

Regardless of your location, we will deliver all obligatory equipment to and from the construction site. It will not be difficult for us to set up any kind of labor camp, prepare all the equipment for work, and ensure traffic control. Due to the experience and professionalism of our employees, we can independently follow all processes at the construction site and regulate all preparatory processes.

Rig Maintenance and Labor Company

Among other things, we are engaged not only in the preparation of drilling rigs and the movement of all the necessary tools, but also services for the washing of drilling rigs and their maintenance. Our maintenance services work 24/7, so you always have the opportunity to call our professionals to your company and optimize the operation of any system. 1888 Industrial Services has been handling and preparing all the necessary equipment for rig installation for over ten years.

To ensure reliable operations some of the equipment we provide includes:

  • Versa Handlers
  • Rig Heaters
  • Light Plants
  • Generator

We also assist with any rig liner needs, providing:

  • Containment
  • Trenching
  • Sediment/Erosion Control
  • Mud Tubs
  • Flare Setup

Professional Drilling Engineers

To provide the best service for any oil and gas company, we only work with specialists who have multiple years of experience in working with industrial equipment. During their work with us, they have completed more than a thousand orders for the installation of drilling equipment with the provision of initial setup. Therefore, if you are looking for a true specialist, you can always turn to the professionals from 1888 Industrial Services.

We are always ready to provide our services to any oil and gas company, and we will ensure only the most optimal operation of your rig. The equipment and machinery that we provide always undergo full diagnostics beforehand so that everything works only in the best possible way. Besides, every year 1888 Industrial Services is engaged in the replacement and purchase of new machinery, due to which our gear always meets the highest standards.