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Industrial Construction Company

1888 Industrial Services has been providing service for various industrial and commercial enterprises for years. We are a leading choice in offering commercial and industrial construction services, transportation, and maintenance services. We are engaged in construction in a wide range of industries, from distilleries to compressor stations, pipelines, and much more.
Industrial Construction Services
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Nationwide Industrial Construction Services

1888 Industrial Services works only with the most qualified workers and professionals in their fields. That is why we always strive to give you the best end product. To succeed, we only use the latest and most advanced equipment that meets the highest standards. If you want a perfectly executed construction service within a clearly defined time frame, then we are here to do it. Regardless of the complexity, you can always be sure that it will be executed in the best way possible.

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Custom Building Approach

In addition to our technology and professionalism, it is our unique approach to each industrial and commercial construction build that makes the real difference. After all, our number one desire is to complete each project exactly how you need it done. We highly value creativity and uniqueness. When you start your industrial construction project with us, you can be sure that you will receive a unique product that will meet your exact goals. In the end, we do everything for you, so you get what you expect.

Commercial Construction Solutions

We are diverse, and always adapting to our customers. Our team is staffed with top craftsmen and management. We work with design builds, plant retrofits, facilities such as refineries, distilleries, chemical plants, food processing facilities, and more. Some of our industrial and commercial construction services include:

Distillery construction

Distillery construction

We often handle distillery concrete and builds. Combining new technology and tradition, we fulfill your distillery requests with a high level of safety, accuracy, and careful attention to detail. We are fully engaged in the design and construction of all elements. A distillery build requires coordination of concrete, pipelines, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical scopes. For us, the most important aspect is precisely the implementation of your idea for the right distillery for you.
Cryogenic Plant Construction

Cryogenic Plants

Our advanced engineers can ensure that your cryogenic plant meets your requirements. We have been installing cryogenic plants for hundreds of customers. We can proudly state that we employ only the most competent specialists. Besides, we can advise you in detail to provide you with a top product.
Pharmaceutical Plant Construction

Pharmaceutical Plant

We are ready to help you with setting up a pharmaceutical facility. We understand the responsibility we bear while working in such a meticulous field. Therefore, only professionals with experience in creating pharmaceutical facilities on our team. We work with the creation of direct premises which may include: the creation of laboratories; secondary production, packaging, and launch pads; biological areas. Also, we follow every step in detail, taking into account the importance of each different process of creating a pharmaceutical facility.

Pipeline Services

We can build a complex pipeline for a variety of industries. With a comprehensive approach to pipeline construction, and we understand all your requirements. We offer pipeline repairs, fabrication, support, and creation of the infrastructure on a global scale. Initially, we take an extremely responsible way to the construction process. So, only professionals are present in our team, and we receive all of the documents necessary for construction in advance.
Saltwater Disposals

Saltwater Disposals

We have worked in the field of saltwater disposal for a long time, so we can proudly say that our team provides one of the top construction, installation, and maintenance of saltwater disposal wells. When installing and maintaining drainage systems, our company takes into account all possible nuances, prolonging the availability of such a plant and reducing future maintenance costs. Also, we are offering direct install of a saltwater disposal system. So if you are looking for the top industrial construction companies in America, get in touch! Our main goal is to satisfy all your needs and answer all your questions!
Refineries & Plant Retrofits Construction

Refineries & Plant Retrofits Construction

We possess all the necessary skills and knowledge for the capital construction of an oil refinery, as well as all additional premises, pipelines, and boilers. Our builders are experienced in this field and can easily take care of all problems that could arise. We are also engaged in the modernization and improvement of existing facilities to improve and optimize your refinery. Our construction industrial projects services are offered to any customer, regardless of his experience. So if you have any questions and you also need advice, we will be happy to help!
Facility Construction, Fabrication & Installation

Facility Construction & Fabrication

Facility manufacturing requires a solid understanding of your industry and your business. Here we have the technical expertise to ensure your new or renovated facility is better than it could ever be. By analyzing each build, we develop the most cost-effective solutions, and always keep long-term operational costs in mind. Our employees combine experience and creativity, together with all the necessary knowledge for the facility build for your business. Among other things, our services also include full 24/7 facility maintenance and bringing it to the most optimal condition.
Concrete Services

Concrete Services

When you turn to us for your heavy industrial construction projects, you can be sure that we will carry out the concreting by ourselves from start to finish. This includes both the planning, coordination phases as well as the concrete contracting itself. That is, we provide both design and implementation, without expecting any outside help from you. At the same time, it is, of course, important for us to understand how you want to see the end result. So initially, we will consult with you in detail to find out what exactly you expect.
Tank Batteries

Tank Batteries

The service of tank batteries is a complex task that should be entrusted only to professionals in their field. We have been providing installation of tank batteries, which include flow lines, water tanks, storage batteries, and separators. By employing only the experts, we ensure they have all the necessary knowledge and experience. We will carry out any of the installation of batteries in the shortest time and with the highest quality!
Flowline Construction & Gathering Systems

Flowline & Gathering Systems

We provide all types of services for the installation and modification of flowlines in the oil and gas industry. It is always imperative for us to first make sure that the entire flowline system is working properly and meets the highest standards. We offer the construction of water supply, sewerage, and drainage infrastructure. Only our most experienced construction contractors are in our ranks to ensure the maximum quality at all stages.
Christmas Tree Assembly & Wellheads

Christmas Tree Assembly & Wellheads

A Christmas tree is an assembly of valves, spools, and fittings used for oil, gas, water injection and disposal, condensate, and other types of wells. A wellhead must be present to utilize a Christmas tree and is used without a Christmas tree during drilling operations. We offer the build and the install of Christmas trees and wellheads. We serve clients nationwide and employ only experienced contractors to ensure fast, safe, and reliable service.
Design Builds

Design Builds

Our team of professional builders works under a single contract with the manager and is always ready to provide any design and construction services. Throughout the process, we consult with you to bring all your ideas to life. We have been embodying more new industrial construction projects with a unique option for each client. Our priority has always been and will be the satisfaction of all your needs in the construction process.
Compressor Station Construction

Compressor Stations

We have been building and installing compressor stations for many years. The compressor station is an extremely convenient addition to your enterprise. It is carried out by compressing gas in pipes at a certain pressure. The preparation of equipment for compressor stations should be carried out only by professionals.