Mechanical Services
Our mechanical service projects vary from a single responsibility of a particular phase to turnkey grassroots projects. We strive to exceed the demands of our customers, while keeping our impeccable safety record, and staying under budget. We accomplish this by employing professional, key people who are experienced managers, mechanics, pipe fitters, and pipe welders. Our employees are phenomenal when it comes to hands-on operations.

Industrial Company for all your needs

For many years, 1888 Industrial Services has provided only the most professional service managers, mechanics, fitters, and pipe welders for industrial sites and new construction projects. When working on each new project, we always use only the most advanced and high functioning equipment to achieve the best results.

Combining the efforts of our experienced staff and your unique vision, we create samples of only the highest quality equipment and systems to increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. Our employees are phenomenal when it comes to hands-on work. Mechanical services of 1888 Industrial Services include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Welding
  • Fire department
  • Maintenance of existing facilities
  • Modernization of existing enterprises

Professional Engineers & Equipment

Together with us, you can create an incredible new business, operating at full capacity from the first day, or modernize an existing one. Our services can help you not only upgrade your equipment, but also diagnose all systems and potentially improve every aspect of your production.

The professional staff of 1888 Industrial Services will always be ready to carry out any work related to the modernization and optimization of your system. For over ten years, we have been setting a new quality standard for any heavy industrial sector, increasing production and improving the performance of all systems and their longevity.